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Top 10 New “must see” sites in Israel

Top 10 New Sites in Israel

Thinking about coming to Israel and want to know whats new? Check out our list of the top 10 new sites to see in Israel.

Here’s our list of top 10 new sites to see in Israel

ANU Museum

After 10 years of planning, the largest museum of Jewish culture in the world reopened in March 2021. Take a fascinating journey that portrays the story of the Jewish people through the generations and up to the present time. The Museum represents all parts of the Jewish people and highlights the creative works and cultural riches of a variety of communities in different periods of history. The museum contains extensive exhibitions – all interactive and state-of-the-art – on Jewish history and communities around the world, including a popular special section on Jewish humor.


Located southeast of Jerusalem in the West Bank, Herodium was Herods’ summer palace. Over the last few years it is been upgraded and the new royal stairway, an impressive arched stairway along with a foyer and private theatre is open to the public.  important upgrade during the pandemic. The royal hall dates to 15 BC and  was designed quickly in order to welcome Marcus Agrippa, a close collaborator of the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus.A new multimedia video, containing a simulation of the room at the time of King Herod, helps the visitor to better understand the frescoes. The frescos present in Herodium were not found in the territories of the Roman Empire, only in Rome. The frescos at Herodium  were made on dry plaster, because the artists did not have much time available before Agrippa’s visit.

Western wall Bridge Tunnels

The former tunnels below the Western wall is now closed but a new tunnel below the former tunnel has opened. Known as the New Bridge tunnel, the new experience take visitors even further underground. While not recommended for anyone who suffers from  clostrophia, visitors will be rewarded by seeing the Great Bridge that led to the Second Temple and new exposure of the Western Wall.

Hisham’s Palace

Located in Jericho, this archaeological wonder of a mosaic with very intricate geometric patterns containing over five million pieces of stone. It was built during the first Muslim dynasty  known as the reign of the Ummayads. The immense floor mosaic is 836 sm and is one of the largest in the world.. The Japanese funded the$12 million project which will hopefully draw more visitors to the area.  

Ein Keshatot

Following a 15 year reconstruction, Ein Keshatot (Umm el Kanatir in Arabic– or Mother of the Arches in English) opened in late 2018 in the southern Golan Heights. The site portrays the story of an affluent Jewish agricultural village that possessed a vibrant textile industry. An immense synagogue was restored using 3D infrared technology. The synagogue is one of 30 ancient synagogues located in the Golan Heights and is a wonderful venue for a bar/bat mitzvah.

Hasmonean Heritage Museum in Mod’in

The museum is situated in Mod’in, the city known for the story of Hanukah. . The museum displays ancient artifacts uncovered in archaeological digs in the region, famous for the Hasmoneans (The new museum includes a 3D “time tunnel” and other interactive features for children.)

Museum of Natural History

Opened in late 2018, this new museum on the campus of Tel Aviv University, showcases natural wonders and living organisms of Israel. Using interactive exhibits the museum highlights the implications of urban development, climate change and the constantly changing ecosystems found throughout the region. 

Saxon Visitor Center and the Emmaus Trail

This new scenic path leads from the Saxum Visitor Center to Emmaus (20 KM)  retraces a route outlined in the Gospel of Luke. The Saxon Visitor Center allows visitors to immerse themselves  in the history of the Holy Land through timelines, maps, interactive screens, models, recreations, and video mappings. The objective provides visitors with the opportunity to experience the spatial and  temporal dimensions of the land that Jesus walked through.

Caesarea Harbor

In May 2019, the new visitor center at Caesarea Harbor officially opened after a $22 million investment. The center was constructed on top of the ruins of four massive reconstructed vaults that were once the base for a pagan temple built by King Herod in the first century BCE.

New high speed train

One of the most anticipated projects has finally opened. The new high speed train linking Jerusalem with the airport and Tel Aviv (and beyond) allows tourists and locals to quickly travel across the width of the country in 35 minutes. The new transportation link  reduces travel time considerably  which is particularly crucial given the heavy traffic situation between Israels two major cities.

Note: special thanks to Allison Kaplan Sommer of Haaretz who wrote about several of these sites in her article

ANU Museum

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