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Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is an important aspect to planning any Holy land tour experience.  We know that lots of travelers still travel without insurance because they don’t feel like spending more money on their trip and typically think their potential losses are only limited to lost luggage. But actually, luggage is the least important reason for purchasing insurance. What people don’t consider is that accidents that can happen anywhere and sometimes a simple misstep can totally interrupt or halt a trip or it may mean a hospital stay, surgery or a special return flight back home and without insurance these expenses can be extremely costly. There are many policies available through traditional agents as well as online suppliers and it can be complicated to determine the most affordable policy. We have tried to offer some good advice on travel insurance.


Why buy Travel Insurance?


The purpose of travel insurance is to cover  travel expenses, usually medical, trip cancellation, lost luggage, flight accident or other losses that may be incurred when traveling. You’ve spent a lot of time and money planning the trip, accidents can occur and having a travel insurance policy can save  you many tens of thousands of dollars in related out of pocket expenses should there be a medical emergency.


Usually the travel insurance is arranged and purchased at the same time a trip is paid for and booked. Policies vary significantly with policies offering varying levels of medical expense options. Policies have different conditions for cancellation (illness, death of relative, etc) which others may have a cancel for no reason policy.


Some credit card companies often will include some type of insurance if the trip is paid for using their credit cards but policies tend to be general so its critical to read the policy carefully and know if your specific personal needs for insurance are being met.


Travel insurance prices vary considerable. Therefore its important that you assess your needs and then seek the best policy that covers the areas that you need and that you are comfortable with the applicable exclusions, exceptions and limits that are specified in your policy.


Travel insurance must be purchased in the country where you live. You can purchase it online or through your local travel agent. Our flight partner, OKTTravel is based in NY and travel insurance can be purchased directly with them, whether you are using them for your flights or not. For more information on insurance or flights contact:


Travel Insurance may cover:


  1. Trip cancellation if you need to cancel because a parent is ill, you are ill or other reason. Be aware that some policies may cover only the non-refundable pre-booked tour costs.
  2. Illness or hospital visit in a foreign country and if needed, an emergency evaluation for an illness or accident.
  3. Baggage and person belongings which is generally what people think about when they buy insurance but its actually the least important area.
  4. Returning early or trip interruption


Travel insurance can be confusing and not all travel insurance is the same. Every policy has specific benefits and exclusions so it’s important to read the policy wording carefully.



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