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My Reflections of Israel Experience 2011


Now that I am home, and rested…well rested, there is so much is to be said about the Israel Experience trip this year. I have been looking forward to this trip for 2 years, and I must say I had great expectations for what I would experience and my expectations were exceeded tremendously!
As this was my second time going on an Israel Advocacy trip, I was looking forward to revisiting sites as well as experiencing new ones.  The first time around you don’t get everything all at once, and I wanted to really take advantage of this opportunity to get questions answered that I wasn’t sure of from my previous trip, as well as to become more knowledgeable in the areas that I was introduced to with the trip with Christians United For Israel.  And I did! I received so much clarity and insight that I have enough for the next 2 years to sulk in revelations received and the things that were placed on my heart.
Last year was about the experience for me; this year was about business! I can honestly say that this trip has equipped me with thorough materials, priceless hands-on experience, and provided me an opportunity to ask the hard questions and to dialogue with others whom were seeking answers themselves.  One of the best things I appreciated about the trip was the ability to communicate, and engage the speakers, Israeli students, and Israeli and Palestinian citizens on a one-to-one basis. We were not sheltered from opposing truths, and we had room to take what we experienced and seek God concerning these issues.
Another dynamic was that we were able to receive an intense crash course on Israel’s economic state- that opened my eyes!  Seeing first-hand students protesting the rent rates with tents, and doctors protesting work and hourly conditions truly reflected the nature of a democratic state.  Learning of the monopolistic economic state Israel is in, and hearing opposing opinions helped me to process what was taking place and feel confident about coming to my own conclusions on these issues. Now I am able to share with confidence the financial and social issues that Israel faces as a country and share them with a detailed perspective and first-hand experience. Not only the internal battles but I have a clearer understanding of the external factors affecting others worldview of Israel from the constant berating of UN Resolutions of Israel, the constant threat of terrorism, to the on-going debate of a one or two-state solution. Hearing the perspectives from the Mayor’s office, the Knesset members, Ron Dermer, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a former PLO Sniper, Arab Christians, Rabbis, and so many more set me on a path to learn more, to read more, and to really invest myself in more intense research to move forward in pursuing my studies and a career abroad in Israel.
On a more spiritual level my time in Israel was well spent. We had amazing students on the trip who sincerely have a heart for God and are so talented! We came together and prayed for each other, worshiped together, and had great fellowship! I am truly thankful for each one of them for they helped re-spark a love for God like never before. I am excited to restudy scripture to receive new revelation especially that I have received new insight concerning the connection of scripture to the land of Israel!
I am also thankful for Michael and Asha whom took on this huge responsibility and handled it delicately with the grace of God and care. They embraced the group and allowed us to use our gifts and talents to enhance each other and build each other up.  They kept the focus on God with times of prayer and scripture which edified us everywhere we went. With the countless years of experience that Michael has, he was a huge factor in my blessed time in Israel this year, and in that I am truly thankful to have been able to be a part of this Eagles Wings Israel Experience 2011!


Thus now that I am home, it is not the end for me, but more so the beginning! I have so much to study, to read, and so many scriptures to study once again. I am blessed to have had this opportunity!It doesn’t end here…trust me there is so much more! I pray God will use me to be an effective ambassador, for I know this is not a temporary phase but yet a lifelong calling…


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