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Mount of Beatitudes and Peter’s Primacy

Mount Of Beatitudes.  This was a beautiful serene place to visit that is very close to Capernaum.  It has a magnificent Franciscan Chapel here surrounded by peaceful gardens with a lovely view over the Sea of Galilee. This is the most likely site where Jesus would have preached the Sermon on the Mount found in Mathew 5-7.

The Chapel itself has a large dome with stained glass windows that record the eight Beatitudes. The area here is level with small gardens and paths to stroll/roll through. Pastor Baughman gave a devotional here over the Beatitudes that gave us a perspective of how blessed we are regardless of personal circumstances.

This was a wonderful place to relax, enjoy the location, and meditate on God’s grace in our lives.


St. Peter’s Fish.  When we left here we were able to enjoy a wonderful lunch that is a “must do” when at the Sea of Galilee: Eat lunch at St. Peter’s Fish. The atmosphere here was great and so was the food. The fish was delicious and we all laughed and enjoyed the food and fellowship.


Peter’s Primacy.  This area is believed to be the place of the feeding of the 5000 miracle that Jesus did. This is very near to Tabgha, the town where Mary Magdalene came from. The church here is built to resemble a Byzantine Basilica and it has some of the most beautiful mosaic floors that we saw. They were indeed ancient with depictions of the loaves and fishes as well as many other birds and animals. I purchased a beautiful ceramic bowl here designed with the same loaves and fishes as on the floor. This is also believed to be the area where Jesus told the disciples to cast their nets on the other side of their boats. Peter and John knew this must be the Lord and impetuous Peter jumped in the water to get to Jesus as fast as he could. May we all have that same desire in us to get to Jesus as fast as we can.


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