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Baptist Village

You don’t expect to see such tranquility only a few minutes outside of a bustling city. The Baptist Village is just ten minutes from Petach Tikvah, one of Israel’s largest cities and itself a part of the bustling Tel Aviv metropolitan area. However, that ten minutes makes all the difference in the world. Stop and listen. No cars whizzing by. No crowds  of people at the restaurants and cafes on every corner. This is the Holy Land as Jesus knew it.


Christian pilgrims are welcome to visit all year round, however they are especially encouraged to come on Saturdays at 10AM since the All Nations Baptist Church is in session then. The services are held in English to accommodate visitors from English speaking countries as well as locals who wish to follow in the footsteps of Jesus. The service lasts for about three hours and afterwards, there is  a light lunch and time for communion.


Visitors are also encouraged to visit the newly replanted 700 year old olive tree on the village grounds and to enjoy a picnic in one of the many areas available for picnicking. There are the special events which you may be able to attend (contact the village for more information).


The Baptist Village has a long history of hosting sporting and other events. It was home to several teams from the short lived Israel Baseball League and more recently hosted the Maccabiah games, sometimes referred to as the “Jewish Olympics.” Smaller events, such as weddings, conferences and seminars are held here throughout the year as well.


The village began life as a home for Baptist converts in the Holy Land, but was soon transferred to the use of the George W. Truett orphanage. As the orphanage grew, the village grew with it, eventually creating a full working farm, raising pigs and cattle along with citrus groves (much of the original farm has since been turned over to picnic areas and sporting space, however the citrus groves remain and are still tended by village volunteers).


While you can of course come to the Baptist Village intending to visit just for the day, the real magic happens when you spend some time here, volunteering and doing the Lord’s work. From farming to the two churches in the village to helping out with various events, there is simply nothing quite like the Baptist Village anywhere in Israel.

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