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Mount of Olives

Highlights of the Mount of Olives


The Mount of Olives has several view points with a spectacular panoramic view of the City of Jerusalem and it surroundings. The best view and the easiest accessible point is next to the historical campus of the Hebrew University with a dramatic view of the Temple Mount and the Old City. Close by is another point with an amazing view to the east of the Judean Desert with the mountains of Moab as a backdrop, with even a glimpse of the Dead Sea on a clear day.


Background Ïnformation on the Mt. Of Olives


The Mount of Olives is at the heart of New Testament history with its future promise of the return of Jesus to that very spot. The area is marked by a range of churches depicting Jesus’ life from the Garden of Gethsemane and the Dome of Ascension to Pater Noster and Dominus Flevit, where he wept over Jerusalem. On its eastern slope is Bethany where Lazarus was resurrected from the dead and where Jesus spent much time, in addition to Bethphage where the donkey waited for him to ride on on the Palm Sunday Walk into Jerusalem. A number of other interesting spots can be found on the Mount like the distinctive buildings of the historical Augusta Victoria hospital and the Mormon University.


On the eastern slope of the Mount of Olives, there is a small Franciscan chapel with the inscription “Bethphage”. The spot is considered the location at which Jesus began his Palm Sunday walk to Jerusalem. Every year on Palm Sunday, the Palm Sunday procession begins at this point.



Travelujah Tips

The Mount of Olives is best accessible by car or a number of local busses, but can be reached by foot from the Old City by the sporty visitor


Nearby Places of Interest

Mount Scopus, Church of the Ascension, , Gethsemane, Kidron Valley, the Old City

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