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Mary’s Tomb

 Highlights of Mary’s Tomb


The lowest part of the Tomb of Mary is hewn out of the rock and dates all the way back to the 5th Century, the early days of Christianity. The age of the room is visible in the smoke covered walls, blackened by centuries of candles lit for prayer. Its age old Byzantine masonry can still be seen and its rich decoration also is a witness to centuries of use.



Background Information on Mary’s Tomb



The Tomb of Mary is revered holy by both Christians and Muslims and is now shared by both religions and a number of church denominations. The first church built on the site was constructed in the fifth century and parts of it can still be accessed in the lower level of the present church. The church has been destroyed and rebuilt many times through history by Byzantines, Crusaders and Muslims. Below the church is the traditional crypt believed to be Mary’s grave and more recent archaeological excavations at the site have revealed that the area below the church indeed was a burial site during the first Century.



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Closed on Sundays. Free admission.



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