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Dominus Flevit Church

Highlights of Dominius Flevit


The location of the Dominus Flevit church has an amazing view of the the Temple Mount including over the city of Jerusalem. The area is an excellent spot for photography of both the city and the church itself.


Background Information


According to the Gospels Jesus apparently knew about the coming destruction of Jerusalem which happened a few years after his death in 70 AD. He wept over the coming destruction of the city at the spot of the Dominus Flevit church at the Mount of Olives, according to tradition. The church was built by the Franciscans in 1954 and is fairly modern in style. It’s unusual architecture is in commemoration of the teardrops of Jesus at the spot. The site was not connected to the tradition of Jesus’ weeping until Crusader times, but ancient Jewish graves have been found beneath the church.


Travelujah Tips


Open daily. No entrance fee.



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