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Church of St. Peter – Gallicantu

Highlights of the Church of St. Peter Gallicantu

The architecture and decoration of the Church of St. Peter – Gallicantu is particularly decorative with its blend of modern and antique styles. The inside walls have rich mosaics with motives from the New Testament and particularly the story of which it name derives. The inside ceiling features a special cross shaped window and is otherwise beautifully decorated. One can see remnants from the 5th Century inside the church and can investigate the underground caves.


Background Information


The Church of St. Peter – Gallicantu is built on the spot on Mount Zion traditionally believed to be the place where Caiphas’ house once stood and where Jesus was tried and kept at the evening of his arrest. The church has it’s name after the rooster’s triple crow after Peter had denied Jesus three times, like Jesus had foresaid. The church was built in the 1930s and is situated where a 5th Century Byzantine basilica once stood. Beneath the church one can see the ancient prison cells dug into the rock from the Second Temple period where Jesus most likely was kept after his trial.


Travelujah Tips


Closed for visitors on Sundays. Entrance fee.


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