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Holy Sites

The name, Jerusalem,  contains the word shalem which means peace; and the name Jerusalem is often referred to as the city of peace. In the Hebrew bible, known as the Old Testament, or the Tanach, the city is mentioned 669 times and is significant to Christianity, Judaism and Islam, which all consider it their holy city. One sacred place that is holy to all three religions is the Temple Mount. Temple Mount

The New Testament describes the story of Jesus’s last week in Jerusalem beginning with his entry into the city on what the modern calendar connotes as Palm Sunday and concluding with his crucifixion and resurrection at what is now called Easter.During the fatefall last week in Jerusalem, Jesus and his disciples celebrated Passover, in what is depicted as the Last Supper. The traditional Sedar meal occurred on Mount Zion. Numerous locales around Mount Zion were the scenes of many other of Jesus’s stops during his last week, including Gethsemane, at the base of the Mount of Olives. There Jesus spent his last night prior to his arrest by the Romans. Once arrested, is is believed that Jesus spent his last night at the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu.The Garden tomb is believed by many to be the Sepulcher and the Garden of Jeseph of Arimetheasis. The ancient vineyard is a place for peaceful meditation and reflection and is often used as a prayer site by some denominations.

In Jerusalem, each site represents a historical event or a miracle and each place comes to life when visited: including the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, the Garden Tomb, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Bethany, Gethsemane, Kidron ValleyCity of David and numerous others.

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