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Muhraka Church




The Muhraka church is nestling on the hillsides of Mount Carmel, and is surrounded by amazing views of the surrounding area in every direction. The Jezreel Valley opens up below in all its splendour and even Mount Hermon, on the Syrian-Lebanese-Israeli border, can be seen in the distance on a clear day. A perfect opportunity to enjoy the landscape for the photographer and any visitor alike.


Background Information



The Muhraka is a small Carmelite church built to commemorate Prophet Elijah’s challenge to the prophets of Ba’al on Mount Carmel. According to 1. Kings 18, 17-46 Elijah’s sacrifices on the newly restored altar to Israel’s God, was struck by fire from heaven as a sign of God revealing his power in front of the pagan prophets. The catholic, Carmelite order has its origin on the Carmel mountain and has the Prophet Elijah as its saint, and they ereDSC_0095cted a statue of the prophet outside the church. The statue was destroyed by Muslim armies during Israel’s war of independence in 1948, but has been replaced.

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