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Carmelite Stella Maris Guesthouse

The 47-unit historic Stella Maris guest houses can accommodate groups of up to 95 people in either single, double or triple rooms. Guest rooms are equipped with air conditioning, en-suite bathrooms and telephone service.

Highlights on Carmelite Stella Maris Guesthouse


The Stella Maris complex on top of the Carmel Mountain can be reached by road or the landmark cable car. The trip up the slopes of the mountain is an attraction in itself, with it stunning view of the ocean and the city of Haifa below.


Background Information


The Carmelite Pilgrim Center, also known as Stella Maris, is managed by the Carmelite Fathers. The Carmelite Commity in the Holy Land is associated with guarding the memory of the Profet, Eliyah and devotion to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. Three separate communities are situated in the region, Stella Maris, Muhraka and the Haifa Latin Parish.


The Stella Maris monastery keeps the tradition of the Prophet Elijah alive on Mount Carmel. Since the early days of Christianity hermits have been living in the caves on the mountain, just like Elijah, and the Carmelite order developed out of this tradition. The monastery is still inhabited by Carmelite monks and a beautiful church has been built over the spot said to be the cave where Elijah lived. The church is an attraction in its own right, and a visit to the little museum within the complex is worth while as well.


Travelujah Tips


Modest dress required within the church. There is a restaurant next to the lower cable station at the beach. The gates close at 10:30 pm.

The Carmelite Pilgrim Center, also known as Stella Maris, is located on the Carmel Mountain in Haifa.


Facilities & Amenities


50 Rooms/95 Beds (Sgl. 14, Dbl. 29, Trp. 7)

Gardens with a panoramic view of the area

Secure on site parking

Internet Service

Dining Room

Meeting Room

Coffee Bar

Lecture Hall for up to 80 pax


Nearby Attractions


Adjacent Carmelite Church



Bahai Gardens

Haifa Cable Car

Israel Navy Museum

Daliyat HaCarmel

Zichron Yaacov

Christian guesthouses can only be booked for groups of 7 or more rooms. If you would like Travelujah to arrange your group tour using Christian guesthouses, please contact us

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