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Mount of Precipice

Mt. Precipce
Tour group at the top of Mt. Precipice overlooking the Jezreel Valley

Mt Precipice, officially known as Mt. Kedumim is known as the mountain where the people of Nazareth tried to push him from the mountain after he declared himself Messiah in the Nazareth Synagogue and infuriated the people with his sermon (Luke).

After excavating at Mt. Precipice Qafzeh (Kedumim) Cave was found. Stories say that the cave opened up to hide Jesus from being pushed from the mountain. Another story says Jesus lept from the mountain and landed 9km away at Mt. Tabor.

The mountain is 397 meters high and provides a breath-taking view of the Israel Valley and mountain ranges. You can park and walk to the observation point on top of the mountain.

The area is open all week-days and nights.  There are markers at the mountain that point to the beginning of the 60 km Gospel Trail that goes from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee.


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