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Beit Alfa

Highlights of Beit Alfa

The amazing mosaic floor in the synagogue ruins of Beit Alfa is one of the major archaeological finds in Israel. The very well kept floor depicts the Binding of Isaac, the Ark and the zodiac, among others, and dates back all the way to the 5th Century. A film can be watched, explaining the mosaics and their uncovering.


Background information on Beit Alfa

The village of Beit Alfa dates back 1500 years, and the ancient synagogue floor from the period can still be seen with its original colours and detail in place. The mosaic clearly depicts the, by then, long Hellenistic and pagan influence on Judaism, with Jewish themes like the binding of Isaac blended with motifs of the sun god and the zodiac. Today the archaeological site is situated on kibbutz Hefzibah.



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