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Travelujah Endorsements

“The Holy Land, the Land of the Bible, the homeland of the Patriarchs and of Jesus and His Disciples, offers extraordinary spiritual experiences to Christians worldwide. Visit the recently unearthed palace of King David in Jerusalem, to touch the tombs of Rachel, Sarah, and Abraham in Bethlehem and Hebron, and to walk the Galilean Hills where Jesus was born and raised and climb the Temple steps were Jesus preached is a supreme privilege for all people of faith. Israel is also a modern state and is part of the Holy Land. The country is famous for its wines, its Mediterranean beaches, and gourmet restaurants.

So, come, climb Masada, raft down the Jordan River, bathe in the mineral-rich Dead Sea, and see the modern State of Israel and the Palestinian territories and meet the people. Let Travelujah take you home to the Holy Land.”  ~  Michael Oren, Former Israel Ambassador to the United States and Member of Israel’s Knesset

“Travelujah was extremely helpful in making it possible for me to visit Bethlehem, the town where Jesus was born. Given its extensive knowledge of the Holy Land and what Christian pilgrims are looking for, Travelujah is worth considering as you seek to travel in the footsteps of Jesus.”   ~ In Christ, David Uebbing, Editor, Catholic News Agency

With unique perspectives from recognized tourism and Christianity experts as well as honest travel advice from real travelers from within Travelujah’s community, is a real valuable resource for Christian pilgrims worldwide interested in learning about or planning a tour to Israel.”    Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Chancellor and Founder, Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation

“It is a personal blessing to endorse the work of Travelujah.  Elisa Moed is a friend and a valuable resource to the Christian community.  Travelujah provides extensive educational tools and information for learning about Israel and the Jewish people and to connect with Christians.  If you are planning a trip  to Israel, speak to Elisa first for a special pilgrimage to the land of the Bible.”  ~ Jackie Yockey, President High Adventure Ministries

“Magen David Adom, the ambulance and blood service of Israel congratulates, Travelujah the Christian tourist agency in Israel,for it’s splendid work and dedication to bringing Christian leadership and pilgrims to Israel, to visit the holy places, to see and understand the magical roots of Christianity and to show their solidarity with the peoples of Israel and to be blessed by the Almighty for they come as witnesses of the truth of God’s promise to his chosen people that they should return from the four corners of the earth, to live and dwell in to the eternal land of Israel.”    ~ Norman Feingold and Rebecca Blackburn, Christian Friends of Magen David Adom

“Coming to the Holy Land is a Grace from God.
The heart and soul of a pilgrim’s experience in the Holy Land is precisely this: an encounter with God. There is something in this land that profoundly touches the heart, something that cannot be found in any other place, no matter how beautiful and holy it may be….

The Holy Land is a grace. I want this grace for you and for all of your loved ones. I hope these pages might encourage you to come to the Holy Land, and I hope you will find in them the spiritual and practical assistance you need to organize your pilgrimage. May you enjoy this grace soon.”    ~ Fr Juan Maria Solana, L.C. Charge of the Holy See for the Notre Dame Center Pontifical Institute

“Why Should You Come to Visit the Land of the Bible?

All Christians who truly love the Bible, Jesus, the Prophets, and Apostles must realize that all they possess came from Israel, the Land of the Bible and the Jewish people. Every Christian must realize that their spiritual history and future is with this nation. There will be a literal Kingdom returned to Israel (Acts 1:6) when the Lord sets up His Throne in Jerusalem and all nations will be asked to “come up to Jerusalem” (Zechariah 14:16) to worship; therefore why not see now and visit today  the places where Jesus was born, raised, lived, died, rose again and will return?

A pilgrimage to Jerusalem should be on every Christian’s dream list and Travelujah can make it happen. I personally recommend this wonderful organization of Israelis committed to your welfare and interests for the spiritual journey of your life”.    ~ Sharon Sanders, co-Founder, Director of Ministry & Teaching, Christian Friends of Israel Jerusalem

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