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About Travelujah

My name is Elisa and I am the Founder and CEO of Israel-based Travelujah.

Elisa Leopold Moed, Founder of Travelujah
Elisa Leopold Moed, Founder of Travelujah

Originally from Detroit, I received my bachelors degree from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Hotel Management from Florida International University and for over 25 years I was a consultant specializing in tourism, working with companies like Marriott, Club Med, and Hilton.

In 2005, I moved to Israel with my husband and four children, to realize my dream of living in the Jewish homeland. I initially consulted for HVS Consulting on the American Colony Hotel, as well as CMJ-Israel (Christ Church and Beit Immanuel) , the Jewish Agency, and the Center for Jewish Christian Understanding and Cooperation.

But it was the phone call I received in early 2006 from Father Juan Solana, to conduct a pilgrimage and feasibility study for a then, unknown site called Magdala,  situated along the Sea of Galilee that changed my life.

It was as if my entire professional life and deep belief in Zionism had converged; forging a clear path forward for the next phase of my life in Israel and I knew exactly what I was meant to do: to create an online travel resource  to connect Christians more deeply to Israel, the Palestinian Territories and to the ancient Jewish roots of Christianity.

After an additional two years of extensive research and travel around Israel, the Palestinian Territories and Jordan (which I still continue to do with every free moment I have) I founded Travelujah in 2008 – with the mission of being a trusted expert online source for people of all faith to learn about sites, experiences, people and relevant biblical, archaeological and tourism news in the Holy Land.

With a wonderful cadre of thoughtful, friendly and professional  tour guides steeped in biblical history, we began offering tailor made programs in 2009 and continue to provide outstanding programs for Christians and Jews from many denominations.

In 2015 we entered a strategic partnership with ISSTA, Israel’s largest tour company through their subsidiary, Kenes Tours, and offer even more favorable pricing, an extensive supplier network and outstanding customer service before, during and post tour.

Whether it’s a Christian tour, a Jewish tour or an interfaith program, every Travelujah tour is specifically crafted to focus on the needs and interests of our clients.

I invite you to come and visit the Holy Land and experience the land of the Bible with Travelujah.

It will change your life.

L’hitraot, (see you soon)



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