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What is Travelujah?


travelujah is a faith-based social network providing relevant content, travel information, reservations and social networking services for people interested in the Holy Land, which in this site reffered to the areas of Israel, Jordan, the Palestinian Territories and Egypt (the Sinai Peninsula).  Our mission is to aid others in fostering a deeper connection with their spirituality and/or their faiths and ministries by making the Bible Land more tangible and accessible to Christians worldwide. Travelujah is unique; it alllows you to search the bible and receive not just the biblical results but also related information about places of interest, tours, expert blogs, reviews and other information that may assist you in planning for that once in a lifetime journey.


travelujah offers a vibrant social community where you can upload your pictures, read traveler reviews, write a travel blog, discuss topics, learn about the Bible and places of Interest. Our website is a one-stop travel source for Christian information and content, hotels and Christian guesthouses, tours and special services such as baptisms and marriage vow renewals. Our hotel, car rental and tour reservations are processed and fulfilled by our travel service provider, Diesenhaus Unitours, the leading provider of hotel accommodation in Israel. As the largest supplier, they negotiate significant bulk discounts as well as the best  room availability which you can reserve directly at no additional fee from our site.


Moreover, travelujah is the only website offering access to the small, historic Christian guest houses located throughout Israel, Jordan, Egypt and the Palestinian Territories. We can do this because of our established relationships with the management of these exclusive Church-run properties, most of which are managed by nuns of different orders. To ensure the personal attention of these exclusive properties, Travelujah processes each reservation, confirmation and voucher personally and communicates directly with you. Because availability varies each day, and because the guest house management is in prayer during certain periods, confirmation on your reservation can take up to 48 hours at these accommodations. Please be patient, we will notify you of your confirmation as soon as possible.


travelujah is predicated on our desire to foster economic development and tourism throughout the Holy Land by showcasing Christian facilities, attractions and products in both Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Our inclusive philosophy focuses on building a tourism bridge that will create partnership and economic opportunity. By providing quality content, access to experts, connecting people with a common interest and providing access to unique travel experiences to the Bible Land, we are capturing the hearts and imaginations of people and helping them to fulfill their dreams by heightening their sense of spirituality.


travelujah was developed based on our combined 50 years consulting and operational experience in the hospitality and tourism industries. Our  particular expertise in Christian tourism as well as our relationships with the numerous denominations represented throughout the Bible Land provides us with an in depth perspective and access when it comes to providing quality content and unique and memorable travel or pilgrimage experiences for individuals or groups.


As CEO of travelujah, it is my hope that, among the things, we will spur additional tourism traffic to this region. We understand that a trip to the Bible Land will impact the way we view our lives, our families, our faith, our heritage and we want to encourage that spiritual growth. We hope that travelujah will engage people and that it will spur more tourists and businesspeople to find their way to the Bible Land so they, too, can discover all the sites, culture and spirituality the region has to offer.


Elisa Moed




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