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Highlights of Masada


A unique experience for the sporty visitor is to walk the so called "Snake Path" up to the plateau of Masada. The view of the desert and the Dead Sea below is very impressive at all times, but is at its best at sun rise. The best way to see the Masada plateau is to take a guided tour on top of the mountain. The rich detail of the excavations are only coming to their right with a good background knowledge of the events that shaped them, and the new museum at the site only highlights its history even more.



Background Information on Masada


Masada's dramatic history was as the last stronghold of the Jewish revolt against the Romans which started in 66 AD, about 30 years after the death of Jesus. This discontent with Roman occupation is important in the context of relating to the political and social climate in the times of Jesus, and seeing the place itself gives a good framework for relating to the times of Jesus when discontent was only brewing. The last few Jew refusing to give in to the Roman armies below and choosing to end their own lives instead on top of this mountain does not leave the visitor untouched by its drama.



Travelujah Tips


Admission fee. Very good facilities. Cable car accessible.



Nearby Places of Interest


Ein Gedi springs, Ein Gedi spa, Wadi Arugot, Jericho


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