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Old City of Jaffa


A stroll around the Old City of Jaffa is a must for the first time visitor to this picturesque town. It's winding little alleys restored to former glory have become the inspiration for its thriving artists galleries, and leads one down to the ancient harbour area with its very unique view of the ocean and the city of Tel Aviv. Under Jaffa's central plaza a modern visitor's centre can be found depicting the excavations of the oldest part of the town. Right next by is the Church of St. Peter commemorating his stay and miracle in the city. Simon the Tanner's house is also only a short walk away. Outside the Old City, but still close by, one can find the flea market of Jaffa which is an institution in its own right and a good introduction to the oriental market tradition.


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History of Jaffa


Jaffa is one of the oldest port in the world and its 9500 year of history is rich and has had many phases. The Christian visitor carries special importance due to Jaffa's connection to the New Testament. Jaffa is primarily known as the town where the Apostole Peter is mentioned visiting Simon the Tanner, and in whose house he had a vision clarifying to him that also non-Jews can be accepted into the faith. It was also the place where Peter resurrected Tabitha. Jaffa is also mentioned in the Book of Joshua as belonging to the tribe of Dan, who were sea farers. Before becoming an important port city during the kingdom of King David, the town had been under Canaanite and Philistine rule, and was later occupied by Babylonians, Persians and Phoenicians before the shortlived Jewish rule of the Maccabeans. Upon their fall the Romans dominated, and it later went into the hands of various Muslim and Christian rulers. These many phases left their mark on the town, and several can be viewed in the excavations open to the public. Jaffa still has the feel of being an old town, and its winding alleys and stone houses emphasizes its Middle Eastern Identity. The city was central in history until recent times when neighbouring Tel Aviv became the main focal point due to its size. Today Jaffa is a city inhabited by both Jews and Arabs, sharing its cultural heritage, and its old city is being restored into its traditional style.




Travelujah Tips


Large parts of Jaffa is not accessible by wheelchair. Visitor's centre open daily.

A free guided tour of Jaffa is available in English every Wednesday. The meeting point is at the Clock Tower at 09.30, except on Jewish holidays. Free of charge.


Nearby Places of Interest


Tel Aviv



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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaffa  http://www.jaffa.8m.net/favorite_links.html

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