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Highlights of Caesarea


The best introduction to Caesarea's is a visit to its large and modern archaeological park where the visitor first hand can see the extensive Roman structures, like the aqueduct bringing water all the way from Mount Carmel and the well known Amphitheatre which has been restored and is being used for concerts on a regular basis. Its beautiful view to the ocean just below makes it a popular venue for many types of events. A short stroll down the road reveals the well kept excavations of Roman Caesarea, as well as a very pleasant shopping and restaurant area bordering on the sea.


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Background Information on Caesarea


Caesarea is known to the New Testament reader as the place where Pontius Pilate ruled from in the time of Jesus, and as the city where Paul was imprisoned a few years later. Peter was a part of Cornelius' conversion here and Caesarea has become a part of Christian history through these events. But the city has a very rich and varied history which can be investigated in its archaeological park, going back all the way to the 4th Century BC, as well as its peak during Roman times when it was a wealthy and bustling city.



Travelujah Tips


Admission fees. Very good facilities. Wheelchair accessible.



Nearby Places of Interest


the Jezreel Valley, Mt. Carmel, Haifa



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Park of Caesarea

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