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Ancient Jericho

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Highlights of Jericho


The archaeological excavations of ancient Jericho have revealed 23 layers of ancient settlements and among other things features the oldest known stairs in the world. The excavations can be seen on the hill north-west of present day Jericho and is truly the highlight of a visit to Jericho.


Touring Jericho

Jericho is accessible via Route 1 which travels east from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea. Most tourists generally will travel there wither as part of a group tour or, alternatively, on a private day tour that can also include other sites in the area not included in the standard group bus tour (such as Qasr El Yahud, Mt. of Temptations, St. Georges Monastary)


Book Jericho Day Tours


Jericho and Bethlehem Day Tour (offered M,W, Sa)

Privately escorted Jericho Tour (including Qasr El Yahud, St. Georges, Qarantal and the Mt. of Temptations)



Background of Jericho in the Holy Land


Jericho is the lowest city on earth in addition to being the longest continuously inhabited city on earth, and excavations have revealed continuous settlement there for more than 11000 years. In addition Jericho's history through those many centuries has been rich and many times turbulent, up until recent time. Jericho is probably best known as the first city the Israelites conquered after 40 years in the desert upon leaving Egypt, when its walls fell as a result of the Israelite siege. Jericho was at the crossroads of trade between Jordan, the harbours at the coast and the north, in addition to it having a very rich farmland bringing forth best quality produce, all elements contributing it being a central place in ancient times.



Travelujah Tips



Jericho is situated in the Palestinian Authority area and passports are required upon entering.




Nearby Places of Interest


Qumran, St. George Monastery, Wadi Qelt, Ein Gedi, Museum of the Good Samaritan, Qasr El Yahud



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