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Zichron Yaakov

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Highlights of Zicrhon Ya'akov


Today Zichron Ya'akov has a lovely village feel, with its European inspired architecture and centre lay out. The "wine route" goes through its centre, and its several good wineries is a must for every visitor. Their guided tours gives a nice glimpse into local history, in addition to the opportunity to taste excellent wines. A relaxing day can easily be spent in Zichron, enjoying its museums, galleries, boutiques and restaurants before evening comes with a spectacular sunset enjoyed from Zichron's first row location.


Background of Zichron Ya'akov


Zikhron Ya'akov was among the first Jewish settlements in Israel and was founded in the late 19th Century by the early pioneers. Its position on the western slopes of the Carmel Mountain gave it a wonderful view to the ocean and the coastal plain below. Its origins as a farming community can still be seen in its modern wineries, some of which produces high quality wines. Edmond de Rothschild was very involved in Zichron Ya'akov's establishment and planning, and the last part of its name derives from the Baron's father, Jacob. He also built the Ohel Ya'akov synagogue in his father's memory, which today is a landmark feature in the town and open for visitors.

Travelujah Tips

Zichron Ya'akov is off the beaten track for most tour groups, and is an ideal place to spend a few days for the visitor whishing to take some time off from a busy schedule.

Nearby Places of Interest

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