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The Galilee Boat-Yigal Allon Museum

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Background of The Yigal Allon Museum

is located within Kibbutz Ginnosar. Inside this museum there are many exhibits about the history, agriculture and archaeology of the region.




Highlights on the Yigal Allon Museum

In the early 1990's during a drought season that caused the Sea of Galilee to be at a very low level, two fisherman brothers uncovered a 1st Century boat, thought to be the same sort of boat that was in use during the time of Jesus. The ancient wooden boat had to be very carefully removed and it was later restored and is now on display on the museum's main floor. The fascinating movie depicting the find, the removal as well as the restoration is highly recommended. An entrance fee is required.




The Museum has a nice souvenir shop with a wide selection of artifacts and other souvenirs including religious items, shofars, handicrafts and many other items. There is also a nice coffee shop open to all visitors.


Nearby Places of Interest



The ancient city of Migdala, managed by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land, was considered the home of Mary Magdalene. Significant archaeological ruins can be viewed at the site, located just north of Ginnosar



Jesus performed the Miracle of the Multiplication of the Fishes at Tabgha, which is managed by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land.. It is also known as Ein Sheva because there are seven flowing springs  in the area. The church at Tabgha was built on top of the ruins of a 5th century church and the ancient floor depicts was one of the most well known mosaics - known as the Multiplication of the Fishes.


Sea of Galilee

This is the countries biggest source of drinking water and one fo the most popular tourist attractions.


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