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Wadi Qelt, St. George's Monastery

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Highlights of Wadi Qelt in the Holy Land


St. George's Monastery is worth the effort of a visit. Clinging to the cliffs of the deep gorge below it is a very unique photo opportunity. Inside the monastery's church the visitor can still see mosaics dating back to the early days of the building in the 6. Century. The monastery is accessed from Jericho and the gorge can be crossed on a bridge. 


Background Information on Wadi Qelt in the Holy Land


Wadi Qelt is a deep gorge along which the ancient route between Jerusalem and Jericho went, and where St. George monastery today clings to its cliffs. St. George is Greek Orthodox and was built in the 5. Century by an Egyptian monk, and re-built in the 19. Century. Its name derives from the well known Gorgias of Coziba who lived there. The Prat stream runs through the wadi and one can still see parts of the ancient aqueduct built to bring its waters to Herod's Palace in the town of Jericho, straight below. According to tradition, this is also where the prophet Elijah was fed by ravens. 


Travelujah Tips


St. George's Monastery can also be viewed from a distance without going through Jericho. The beautiful outlook point is at the left side of the road descending from Jerusalem, before Jericho, and is well marked with a sign.


Nearby Places of Interest


The Dead Sea, Jericho, the Jordan Valley, Qumran, Ein Gedi, the Mount of Temptation.







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