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Timna Park (King Solomon's Mines)

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Highlights of Timna Park in the Holy Land


A visit to Timna Park is the ideal family outing. The many activities and attractions make use of modern technology to enhance the experience of the visitor, like shows using the natural cliffs as a backdrop and multi media presentations. Hiking, rappelling and even paddling on the artificial lake are some of the activities children in all ages will enjoy.



Background Information on Timna Park in the Holy Land


In Timna Park the history of ancient Israel and beyond comes to life. The area contains probably the oldest copper mine in the world, which was in use during King Solomon's time until a generation ago. The mining produced considerable wealth since copper was central in ancient metal production and it influenced political developments. The tapping in Timna left behind more than 10 000 mine holes which can be seen today together with Solomon's Pillars, rock art, temples and jewellery.



Travelujah Tips


Admission fees. Very good facilities.



Nearby Places of Interest


Eilat, The Arava Valley




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