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The Selah Workshop was founded by Faydra Shapiro, to encourage Christians to visit "The Israel They Believe In". Her team "cracks open" Israel for the Christian visitor so that you can get closer to the land, the people and the culture. They know that Israel is so much more - and so much more nourishing - than just the standard tourist sites. The Selah Workshop invites  Christians to experience that. To see the rebirth firsthand. To meet the child of Holocaust survivors thriving and building here. To hike the land and see God's majesty out of the cities and off the beaten tourist track. To meet farmers and immigrants and children. To learn about Jewish life and the culture here. They  are eager to bring Christians to a deeper understanding of Israel, and to make sure that they keep coming back for the spiritual nourishment to be found here.


Faydra Shapiro is a popular teacher and researcher about the intersections between Jewish culture, Israel and contemporary evangelical Christianity. She is an award-winning author, and holds a PhD in Religious Studies. Dr. Shapiro has been a professor of Religion and Culture since 1999. She is an Orthodox Jew, and lives in the Galilee with her husband, Shaul, and a handful of lively children.


The Selah Workshop offers programs that can last from two hours to two days. Seminar topics include the differences between Judaism and Christianity, the joys and challenges of return to Israel, Jewish family values, and basic Jewish beliefs and practices. Their teachers and interactive seminar leaders are experienced in engaging, dynamic education and speak fluent English. The team at The Selah Workshop is flexible. They can adjust plans to meet all kinds of needs and interests.


The Selah Workshop also helps visitors to uncover the wonders of God's creation in the land of Israel by walking it. Swim in a waterfall. Learn about its flowers. Learn about making olive oil, pick dates, learn about traditional cheese-making and honey production. See the Bible come alive in the land itself. Hear from real Israelis who will share from the heart, including terror victims, new immigrants, Jews rebuilding the regions of Judea and Samaria, social workers with the disadvantaged, artists, kibbutz members and more. The Selah Workshop can teach your group either from their Kibbutz Lavi center, or at a hotel of your choosing anywhere in the country.    


 Contact us if you would like to plan a tour that includes this experience.



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