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Rachel's Tomb

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The tomb marks the place where, Rachel, the beautiful wife of Jacob was buried. The tomb is one of the most revered sites not only for Judaism, but Christians and Moslems also consider it a holy site. It is located on the Jerusalem - Hebron road near Bethlehem.


For Jews, Rachel's Tomb is quite symbolic - it represents the childless woman who suffered for the Jewish People and is a symbol of hope and represents the power of prayer and blessing. People travel from all over in order to pray at Rachel's tomb, believing that prayer for God's intervention in the health of a loved one will be heard.


Highlights of Rachel's Tomb


The highlight of a visit to Rachel's Tomb is the heart of the tomb which is the site of her actual grave. The spot is covered by a large rock and eleven stones resting upon it, signifying the eleven sons of Jacob still alive upon her death. Jacob's twelve sons became the founders of a tribe each, also called the twelve tribes of Israel. 



Background Information on Rachel's Tomb


In Genesis the matriarch Rachel is recorded as being buried on the way to Bethlehem by her husband Jacob who clearly marked her grave. Since then the Tomb of Rachel has been an important point of pilgrimage and is considered the third holiest site in Judaism, but is also significant for Christian and Muslims. The modest building housing the grave is annually visited by a large number of people and security measures are strict due to its close proximity to Bethlehem. 


Hundreds of requests are sent every month to "Mosdos Kever Rachel" from Jews world wide, requesting prayers to be said on behalf of the ill, the childless and those in need of a special blessing.


The Tomb is Located outside the crossing into Bethlehem and has been renovated and reconstructed through the years - a cupola supported by twelve arches was built over the tomb during the Crusader period and the present shrine was built in 1620 and underwent several restorations since that date. and since then it underwent multiple restorations. A room was added for Jewish worshipers in the 1800's.


Travelujah Tips


Closed on Saturdays and Holiday Eves. Free admission. Modest dress code required.

Opening Hours: 0800 to 1800 hours, closed Saturday


Nearby Places of Interest


Church of the Nativity,


Old City of Jerusalem





Rachel's Tomb 



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Tomb of Rachell

Rachel's Tomb

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