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Palmach Museum

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Highlights of the Palmach Museum

The Palmach was formed in 1941 in an effort to help the British defend then Palestine against the German forces advancing in Europe. Once the threat from the Germans receded, the Palmach was ordered to be dismantled which subsequently caused the Palmach to go underground. There it continued to foster and create and underground army of six divisions of men and women soldiers engaged to defend against the Germans and later, the British.

Located next to the Eretz Yisrael Museum, the relatively new Palmach museum was designed to give visitors a sense of the period leading up to the declaration of the state in 1948. The museum is visited with a guide who leads you through a number of different rooms, each of which has a multi-media presentation. A handset with a translation (English, Spanish, Russian, French, German) provides the dialogue.

The experiential script follows a group of volunteers who have joined what was to become the elite commando unit in the pre-state defense forces. As the story progresses through the 90 minute visit, the Palmach members learn how to become a cohesive unit, while sharing their dreams, falling in love and eventually fighting and dying for their country.


Background of the Palmach Museum


The Palmach (Hebrew abbreviation of Plugot Mahatz - פלוגות מחץ) was the elite striking force of the "Hagana" - the underground military organization of the Jewish community, its national institutions and the Zionist Movement prior to the establishment of the State of Israel.

From the summer of 1945 until the end of 1947, the Palmach was involved in bringing 65 ships with tens of thousands of Jewish refugees and Holocaust survivors from Europe (Haapala - העפלה) illegally to then Palestine. Because the British mandatory rule made immigration to Palestine illegal, the Palmach also launched warfare tactics against the British and destroyed police stations, radar facilities, and more.

At the same time, anticipating the withdrawal of the British and the subsequent Arab military uprisings, the Palmach made preparations  to counter expected attacks of local Arabs and of neighboring countries.

Following the U.N. decision of November 29, 1947 to partition Palestine, Arab armed gangs blocked the roads and besieged Jewish towns, including Jerusalem. At the time 2,200 Palmach fighters were the only force ready to engage in battle, though they were poorly armed. As the War of Independence unfolded, they operated all over the country, liberating Jerusalem and other besieged towns, conquering territories, opening roads and, with the newly organized "Hagana" troops, defeated the invading armies of Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Iraq. They fought valiantly but suffered many casualties - over 1,168 dead and hundreds wounded.



Travelujah Tips


This is one of the best museums in Israel because the narrative is compelling, it is presented clearly and the emotional effect is poignant. There is no display, rather it is a three dimensional experience that invites visitors to learn about the Palmach by sharing the experiences of the members. Although the Palmach unit only existed for 7 years, it exemplified and embodied the finest values of the pre-state ideology: responsibility, sacrifice and contribution to the greater good of society.

Please note that the only way to enter the museum is by having your guide/tour operator make reservations ahead of time.

For arranging tours please call: 972-3-6436393
or Fax: 972-3-6436964. Email: palmach_reservation@mod.gov.il


Palmach Museum-10 Haim Levanon st. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv.03-643-6393; For correspondence: The Department of Museums, Ministry of Defense, P.O.B. 952 Kiryat-Ono 55108; Tel. 03-6436393. Fax. 036436964; e-mail: palmach_reservation@mod.gov.il


The Museum opening hours:

Sun-Mon: 09:00-16:30 last tour
Tues: 09:00-20:00 last tour
Weds: 09:00-13:30 last tour
Thurs: 09:00-16:00 last tour
Fri: 09:00-11:30 last tour


Palmach Museum-10 Haim Levanon st. Ramat Aviv, Tel Aviv





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