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Nitzana Solar Park

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Nitzana's SOLAR PARK

The crown jewel of Nitzana, the Solar Park is used for the education of visitors about the sun, how it affects our lives and the phenomenal possibilities of capturing and utilizing its energy as a renewable power source.

New energy sources are a critical concern for modern society, with economic, moral, religious and ecological motivations for developing clean energy devices. Fossil fuels in current use are a finite resource that have negative environmental impacts. These natural resources of the earth will become completely depleted in the near future, leaving civilizations without an energy source.

Alternative energy can be obtained through the utilization of other natural resources including the sun, wind, water and gravity. Secondary recycling of biomass can also contribute to sustainable living.

In an effort to convey the importance these energy concepts, the Nitzana Solar Park is divided into six units, each representing a method for harnessing the energy of the sun.


Unlike a typical science museum visit, the Nitzana Solar Park fosters a deep connection and understanding of the exhibit concepts through an interactive approach.

The exhibits include a desert cooling tower, and analysis of temperature, moisture, wind speed and direction, global radiation and electricity storage in the photovoltaic solar panels. A highly qualified staff will help visitors and students to process and understand this information.

It is the hope of Nitzana that young minds of today will be effectively introduced to and educated in the methods of harnessing and applying natural energy sources. It is important to educate visitors about the origin of the electricity they use: energy does not simply come from a 'socket in the wall.' We want to encourage our youth to discover alternative ways to produce energy from the sun that will eventually become a very normal part of our everyday life.

At present, 33% of the park is completed with a total of 14 exhibits. The total exhibit area will cover 12,000 square meters. The final stage of the park will include a main entrance, a workshop, classrooms and a parking lot for cars and buses.

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