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Nazareth Village

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Highlights on Nazareth Village

Upon entering the re-constructed 1st Century synagogue, and after experiencing the functions of daily life at the time of Jesus, it is very clear to the visitor that Jesus was an integrated part of his social framework and a Jew rooted in his country. The New Testament describes how he visited a synagogue just like this every Sabbath, and how he referred to the scriptures as the word of God, almost a generation before the New Testament was written. Being introduced to the practical facts of Jesus' life, at the place where they actually took place, truly is the highlight of a visit to Israel for many Christians.


Background on Nazareth Village

A visit to the Nazareth Village introduces the visitor to the life style of the regular Israeli at the time of Jesus. The Village is a complete reconstruction of how Nazareth could have looked and functioned two millennia ago, with the workshops, farming and production methods, and living quarter of the average family. The experience is complete will live size buildings and real people dressed according to the dress code of the time, with possibilities of even eating a meal of these ancient times. Even the parables of Jesus are re-told here, and come to new life joined with the experience of their original setting.



Travelujah Tips


Guided tours are available in a number of languages for groups. For group arrangements please call: +972 4 645 6042


Nearby Places of Interest


Nazareth city, the Galilee


Hours of Operations


Mon.-Sat. 09.00-17.00, closed Sundays and Christian Holidays
Adults: 50 Nis, Children: 22 Nis


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Nazareth Village
Minister of Tourism of Israel - Nazareth

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