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Nahal Taninim

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Highlights on Nahal Taninim

After visiting the water dam a good option for the moderately physically fit is to walk along the three kilometres long trail along the stream. The trail ends up where Nahal Taninim flows into the ocean, a beautiful spot to enjoy the Mediterranean sunset.

Background Information on Nahal Taninim

Nahal Taninim (the Crocodile Stream) hasn't had crocodiles for more than a hundred years, but is today a beautiful park with 2000 year old Roman water technology still visible. Nearby Caesarea's growing population needed new water supplies and the problem was solved with the help of an artificial dam and an aqueduct leading the water away to the city. The area of Nahal Taninim was settled from Persian times to the times of the Crusaders in the Middle Ages. Today Nahal Taninim's water system has been partly reconstructed, with the intent of turning it into an enjoyable water feature to be enjoyed by its visitors, and especially children.

Travelujah Tips

Not handicap accessible.

Nearby Places of Interest

Caesarea, Haifa, the Carmel Mountain

Hours of Operation

Apr.-Sept. 08.00-17.00, Oct.-Mar. 08.00-16.00

Adults: 18 Nis, Children 8 Nis.

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