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Mount Gilboa

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Highlights of Mount Gilboa


During spring time there is a well of wild flowers on Mount Gilboa, greatly admired by many visitors during the short spring season. The queen of the Gilboa flora is the very rare Gilboa Iris, which grows only on this mountain range and has a vibrant purple like colour.



Background Information on Mount Gilboa


It was here that the first king of Israel, King Saul, died while fighting the Philistines, and his successor, King David, made the Gilboa Mountain eternal by lamenting the fallen king in the first Book of Samuel. But the Gilboa Mountain is actually a mountain range stretching 18 kilometres long and about 500 meters high, with an astounding view along its scenic route bordering to both Samaria and the Jezreel Valley.



Travelujah Tips


A number of hiking trails can be found in the area, as well as B&Bs.



Nearby Places of Interest


Sachne, the Jordan Valley, Beit Shean, Tiberias, Galilee, Jericho





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