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Megiddo (Armageddon)

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Highlights of Megiddo


The visitor's centre at Megiddo features modern facilities presenting the long history of the place in a very accessible way. A tour into the ancient water tunnel is a must, where the visitor can see first hand what represented high technology in Canaanite times. The water system in Megiddo was developed to enable the inhabitants of the city to draw water within the safety of its walls, even if the only well available was situated outside the city.


Background of Megiddo


To the Christian visitor Megiddo is first and foremost the site of the future battle of Armageddon mentioned in Revelation. In history Megiddo's geographical location in the Jezreel Valley made it a place of key importance concerning trade and security and many battles were fought there. Excavations have revealed 20 levels of inhabitation at the site and that the Megiddo hill (tel. Hebr.) actually is a man made creation due to these layers. Megiddo's history goes 9000 years back and its rich history is very representative for the area in general due to its richness, but Megiddo itself was an unusually sophisticated and powerful city state in Canaanite times.


Travelujah Tips


The site has very good visitors facilities including restaurant and a gift shop. Admission fees. Open seven days a week.






Nearby Places of Interest


Jezreel Valley, Haifa, Lower Galilee



Useful Links

Tel Magiddo

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