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Highlights of Katrzin


In and around Katzrin there are several visitors centres of high quality. For the wine lover, the Golan Heights Winery is a must, with its award winning wines grown in the local volcanic soil, so ideal for wine making. In the same area one can find a recent addition to the use of olive oil, so central in Middle Eastern food and economy, in the Golan Olive Oil visitors centre. There the visitor is introduced to the health benefits connected to the use of olive oil products in skin care, so well known and much used during Biblical times. The "Eden" mineral water plant has its headquarters on the Golan Heights, and has guided tours for visitors as well.




Background of Katzrin


Katzrin is considered the "capital" of the Golan Heights and is a good starting point for exploring the plateau. The area is known as Basan in the Bible and its history goes back to ancient and even pre-historic times. A good place to start is at the Golan Antiquities Museum, which gives an overview of the fascinating history of the Jewish rebellion against the Romans at Gamla, before the fall of Jerusalem in year 70. At the Katsrin Village archaeological excavation one can see the ruins and partly re-constructed town of Katzrin, from 4000 years ago until the 6th Century AD. Pay special attention to the 6th Century synagogue and its mosaics.



Travelujah Tips


The various museums and visitors centres are open on week-days until late afternoon, but are closed on Saturdays and on Jewish Holidays. No admission fees.



Nearby Places of Interest


Hamat Gader, the Galilee, the Hula Valley



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