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Jerusalem Travel Overview

Christianity, Judaism and Islam all consider Jerusalem to be the central to their respective faiths.  Jerusalem is the home of numerous holy sites, that are the focal point to three different religions. For generations, followers of  these religions have descended on the city in order to explore and deepen their faith. The mosques of Islam are on the Temple Mount, the traditional home of Judaism's ancient temple also considered to be the Temple Mount,  and the Stations of the Cross situated along the  Via Dolorosa, Jesus's final path leading up to his crucifixion and adjacent and/or surrounding which are numerous churches including the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, St. Anne's, St. James and numerous others serving each of Christianity's affiliations. The approach to Jerusalem from any direction one must ascend, and the city's limestone glow is always awe-inspiring.


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If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget its cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I do not set Jerusalem above my chiefest joy." (Psalms 137:5-6)


Jerusalem Sites of Interest:


Holy Sites in Jerusalem - Don't miss any of Jerusalem's holy sites!

Attractions and Museums in Jerusalem - Jerusalem is home to a variety of attractions from a vibrant souk to the Yad Vashem holocaust museum. Choose those that interest you.

Christian Guesthouses in Jerusalem   - Have one-of-a-kind spiritual experience by staying in a Christian guest house. Situated in historical andarchitecturally stunning buildings and run by Chrsitian churches from around the world.                

Nature Reserves close to Jerusalem



Jerusalem Day Tours of Interest:


Jerusalem One Day Tour

Jerusalem Food Tour (3 hours - for groups of 15 or more)

Jerusalem City Bus Tour

Jerusalem Walking Tours

Jerusalem and Bethlehem One Day Tours

Jerusalem Bike Tours

Weekly 7 day tours that include Jerusalem

Hotels in Jerusalem




Jerusalem Recommended Books:

Jerusalem and the Holy LandJerusalem and the Holy Land (Eyewitness Travel Guides), gorgeously illustrated and filled with excellent maps, this compact book is a thorough overview of Israel, its history, traditions, cultures and sights. With hundreds of color photographs and illustrations.


Jerusalem: One City, Three FaithsJerusalem: One City, Three Faiths, a popular history of Jerusalem by the author of "A History of God." Armstrong tackles big subjects -- and this book is no exception: a comprehensive, concise portrait of the city over the last 5,000 years written with the traveler in mind. She appreciates the unique hold of this sacred city on all three faiths. A member of the Association of Muslim Social Services in Jerusalem, she's a former Roman Catholic nun who teaches Judaism. With site diagrams, maps and some illustrations.


Jerusalem Recommended Maps:


Jerusalem Bus Map

Jerusalem Map

Frommer's Map from 2nd Temple and Byzantine Periods

Ancient Jerusalem Map




History of Jerusalem


Church of the Agony


The New Testament describes the story of Jesus's last week in Jerusalem beginning with his entry into the city on what the modern calendar connotes as Palm Sunday and concluding with his crucifixion and resurrection at what is now called Easter.During the fatefall last week in Jerusalem, Jesus and his disciples celebrated Passover, in what is depicted as the Last Supper. The traditional Sedar meal occurred on Mount Zion. Numerous locales around Mount Zion were the scenes of many other of Jesus's stops during his last week, including Gethsemane, at the base of the Mount of Olives. There Jesus spent his last night prior to his arrest by the Romans. Once arrested, is is believed that Jesus spent his last night at the Church of St. Peter in Gallicantu.The Garden tomb is believed by many to be the Sepulcher and the Garden of Jeseph of Arimetheasis. The ancient vineyard is a place for peaceful meditation and reflection and is often used as a prayer site by some denominations.


In Jerusalem, each site represents a historical event or a miracle and each place comes to life when visited: including the Mount of Olives, Mount Zion, the Garden Tomb, Western Wall, Via Dolorosa, Bethany, Gethsemane, Kidron Valley, City of David and numerous others.


Travelujah Tips-Shopping in the Old City of Jerusalem


Within the Old City walls, once can find a variety of shopping alternatives. The Arab Shuk, situated in the Moslem quarter, right off the Jaffa Gate entrance sells all sorts of clothing, textiles, spices, religious and other wares. Just inside from the Damascas Gate entrance is the outdoor fruit and vegetable shuk, where travelers can find exotic fruits and vegetables, spices, foods, housewares, religious objects and other items. The Cardo, situated in the Jewish Quarter, is known for its high quality judaica items including silver products, ritual objects, textiles and other related finds.




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Travelujah is a faith-based social network providing unique destination content, travel information, reservations and an opportunity to share your travel experience with others interested in fostering a deeper connection with their faith through a Holy Land tour. Travelujah was developed by travel experts with a combined 50 years of tourism consulting as well as  operational experience in Holy Land tours and pilgrimages.


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