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Jacob's Well - Nablus

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Highlights of Nablus in the Holy Land


While in Nablus the nearby Mount Gerizim is certainly worth visiting. The twin mountains of Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal are mentioned in the Bible respectively as the mountain of blessing and curse, and there is a good view of both of them from Gerizim. The Samaritan community mentioned in John are still living on Mount Gerizim, with their own very interesting history and religion. Their annual Passover sacrifice is open to visitors and is a very unique happening.



Background information on Nablus in the Holy Land


Today's Nablus is Sikem of the Bible and was where Jacob first arrived when returning from Mesopotamia, and where he bought land and dug a well for his flock and family according to Genesis. The well is also said to be where Jesus met the Samaritan woman, as described in John. The actual well has survived the centuries and today one can find a Greek Orthodox monastery covering the well, open to visitors.



Travelujah Tips


The church is open daily free of charge. Modest dress code recommended. Nablus is today under the Palestinian Authority so co-ordinate your visit with both sides before you cross into Palestinian areas. Passport required upon crossing.



Nearby Places of Interest


Mount Gerizim, Mount Ebal, Jacob's Tomb






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