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Mount Bental

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Highlights on the Mount Bental and the Valley of Tears


Mount Bental has the best view into Syria from Israel, in addition to a panoramic view of the Golan Plateau and the Galilee below. Only the majestic Mount Hermon, with its peak covered in snow big parts of the year, blocks the view to Lebanon to the north. Right below the visitor can look into the Syrian ghost town of Kuneitra, which was evacuated when the Israeli-Syrian border was drawn in its middle. Remnants of the Six Day War are still on the mountain, and especially children might enjoy the trenches and the tanks displayed.



Travelujah Tips

The facilities are good on Mount Bental with a coffee shop, gift shop and art displays. Locally grown high quality produce like apples and cherries are sold informally in the season by the local Druze population.

Nearby Places of Interest

The Golan Heights, Kiryat Shmona, Metulla, the Sea of Galilee

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Mount Bental

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