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Hamat Gader

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Highlights on Hamat Gader

The warm springs of Hamat Gader are ideal for a day or more of relaxation and spa activities. Its health bringing waters have been taken advantage of since the 2nd Century, and the remnants of the ancients baths can be seen in Hamat Gader's archaeological park. Today's modern facilities are of high quality, with outdoor warm springs in the beautiful and peaceful surroundings of the Golan Heights.


Travelujah Tips

Hamat Gader has a range of features except the spa, like its crocodile farm, a small zoo and an extensive archaeological park. There are three restaurants: a coffee shop, a middle eastern restaurant and a more up scale Far Eastern Restaurant by the pool side.

Nearby Places of Interest

The Golan Heights, Tiberias, the Sea of Galilee, the Jordan Valley

Hours of Operation

Sun. 07.00-17.00, Mon.-Wed. 07.00-21.00, Thur.-Fri.07.00-23.00, Sat.07.00-19.00

Entry from 55 Nis to 84 Nis, depending on day and season.

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Hamat Gader

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