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Gush Halav

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Gush Halav, also known locally as el-Jish or just Jish, is situated about seven kilometers northwest of Safed. Today it is a wonderfully mixed village of Christian Maronites, Moslems and Catholic Greeks. The present village dates back to the 18th century. The area dates back to the Second Temple period, approximately 2,000 years ago, when there was a Jewish center in this region. The area is renowned for its figs, wines, olive and olive oil. A terrific Lebanese restaurant is located as soon as you drive into town. Other good stops in the city include the several graves that are considered sacred to Jews including the prophet Joel and rabbinical sages. Three churches are also situated within the city limits.


The most famous personality from Gush Halav was Yokhanan ben Levi (or, Yokhanan of Gush Khalav), who was born locally and was one of the leaders of the Great Jewish Revolt against the Romans.


Gush Halav is highly recommended for all people. Its a great example of how different cultures can live together in harmony and create a rich environment of culture. Music lovers will be pleased to hear that the musician, George Sam'an, lives in the village. He plays the fiddle and the oud at his home, and visitors can enjoy authentic music to the accompaniment of colorful stories, drink choice coffee and stay in guest rooms.

One nice idea for something different when traveling in this region is to participate in a jeep trip. There is no better way to view the surrounding hills of the upper Galilee and to see the beautiful nature that abounds. Other great side trips include visiting one of the many nearby wineries, hiking the Israel Trail or other nearby path such as Nahal Amoud, or visiting Safed.


Nearby Places of Interest


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Bat Ya'ar - Horse Ranch with an excellent barbeque restaurant deep in the Buriya Forest

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Mt. Meron

Nahal Amoud Nature Reserve





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