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About GINA Gallery

"GINA" -- Gallery of International Naïve Art deals in the procurement and sale of naïve art from all over the world. To this end, it has established long-term relationships with key naïve art galleries and many naïve artists in several countries, including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, El Salvador, France, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Israel, Nicaragua, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Serbia and Spain.


Gina Gallery highlightsthe artworks of certain countries focusing on the naïve art  of the USA and Canada, Western Europe, Africa, Australia and the Far East.


GINA Gallery seeks to support the naïve artists' quest for "Paradise Lost;" to encourage them to share their timeless vision of everyday life; and to provide them with a forum to bare the child-like ruminations of their hearts and souls. In parallel, GINA Gallery hopes to facilitate the entry into this field of talented, mostly self-taught artists (young and old) who strive to relate - by means of brush, paint and canvas -- the fairy tale figments of their fertile imaginations.


GINA Gallery also seeks -- by gathering and displaying worldwide naïve art -- to expand the existing art lovers' awareness and appreciation of this multifaceted art form, and to introduce the wondrous beauty of this unique, easily-accessible genre to those who have been reluctant (for whatever the reason) to visit art galleries, thereby allowing naïve art, and those who paint it, to assume their proper place in the pantheon of the art world.


"GINA" -- Gallery of International Naïve Art was founded in early 2003 by a naïve art lover and collector, Dan Chill, and is located at 255 Dizengoff Street, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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