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Garden Tomb - Gordon's Golgotha

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Highlights of the Garden Tomb


The Garden Tomb is a wonderful spot of tranquillity just off the busy streets of Eastern Jerusalem. The beautiful, well kept garden has a number of tucked away corners with seating for individuals or groups inviting visitors to take some time for reflection, worship or just a rest. Guided tours are given upon request or the visitor can tour independently and find his favourite spot.




Background Information on the Garden Tomb


Some believe that the Garden Tomb, also called Gordon's Golgotha, is true burial site of Jesus despite the traditional burial site being at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre within the present walls of the Old City. The idea was first brought up by the British officer Charles George Gordon in the 1880s who connected the site to the look of the nearby cliff, very similar to a scull, as described in the New Testament. The double grave chamber carved into the rock at the site also has an unfinished part, which Gordon related to the New Testament description of Jesus' grave being an unused one.


Travelujah Tips


Groups are requested to book their entry in advance by fax. There is no entry fee, but visitors are welcome to leave donations, ($5.00 per person is suggested). Handicap accessible.


Hours: Monday through Saturday


Closed on Sundays


Nearby Places of Interest


Damascus Gate, the Old City, Salomon's Quarries, Rockefeller Museum, Jerusalem Prayer House, Shalom Yerushalayim


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