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Galilee Boat (The Jesus Boat)

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Highlights of the Yigal Allon Museum


At the Yigal Allon Museum, which houses the Gallilee Boat, the boat itself is displayed in a very visually attractive way for the viewer and gives access to a close up look of the 2000 year old vessel. Modern technology is used to maximize the visitor's experience of the display and many children will find the visit interesting. An overview of the very unusual excavation of the boat is on display with well presented explanations on the use of the high technology used to conserve the very fragile wood of the structure. This restoration project became one of the most unusual excavations in Israel's history.



Background Information of the Yigal Allon Museum


The so called Jesus Boat was found on the shores of the Sea of Galilee at Kibbutz Ginosar in 1986 and turned into one of the most amazing archaeological excavations in Israel so far. The very fragile pieces of rotting wood were excavated from mud and required new procedures and the use of modern technology to assure conservation while excavating. Testing of the wood revealed that the age of the boat was from precisely the time around Jesus and the type of boat was the one used by local fishermen on the Sea of Galilee at the time. This very well kept find is therefore one of the most relevant to the daily life of Jesus and his disciples and is a very real reminder of many of the New Testament stories.



Travelujah Tips


Kibbutz Ginosar which houses the museum of the boat has very good visitor's facilities including a beach and a good view of the Sea of Galilee, and some extra time can easily be spent at the site. The museum is closed on Saturdays. Wheelchair accessible.



Nearby Places of Interest


Tabgha, Tiberias, Mount of Beatitudes, the Golan Heights




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