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Highlights of Emmaus


The remnants of the Basilica in Emmaus still has its altar intact and is from the 12th Century. The church was built by the Crusaders but its foundation was set on the ruins of a 5th Century Byzantine church, a method so typical when old buildings were re-constructed in this area through history.


Background Information


Two disciples met the resurrected Jesus on the road to Emmaus as mentioned in Luke, and Emmaus has since had connotations to the individual's spiritual development and carries heavy symbolism. Today the ancient town is in ruins but its remains are visited by a large number of Christian pilgrims to commemorate the walk of Jesus to Emmaus and as a quite spot of contemplation and prayer. There are remnants of a 5th Century basilica in Emmaus and a small museum can also be found which displays ancient mosaics from the town.



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