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Ein Gedi

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Highlights of Ein Gedi


The oasis of Ein Gedi has a very rich flora and fauna with among others ibexes, Syrian hyraxes, reptiles and a very endangered small leopard. The natural bounty of Ein Gedi is best enjoyed hiking at the many trails in the area which gives direct access to its natural wonders and the silence of the desert. In that context, the Botanical garden of Kibbutz Ein Gedi is a must, with its many species from around the world flourishing in this dry desert area.



Background Information on Ein Gedi


King David hid from Saul in the springs of Ein Gedi, and this oasis with its long history is also mentioned in Song of Songs. Today the springs of Ein Gedi are still watering the desert, and the unique flora and fauna in the area are depending on its riches. Now a kibbutz and a modern spa has replaced the ancient Jewish settlement which produced high quality balsam during Roman times, and its main export article is now bottled water. The spa is a popular stop for tourists and locals seeking treatment for skin ailments and rheumatism, or simply wanting to enjoy the unique water of the Dead Sea.



Travelujah Tips


Admission fees at the Spa and the Nature Reserve. Accommodation available at the kibbutz. All facilities open seven days a week.



Nearby Places of Interest


Qumran, Jericho, Massada, Jordan Valley



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