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Dr. Shakshuka

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Dr. Shakshuka is an authentic, kosher Tripolitanian restaurant that is older than the State of Israel.  The place is as original as they come, complete w large, wrought iron shakshuka pans hanging from the ceilings. The family owned and operated restaurant is run by Bino and, along with daughter Tali and other members of his family, they  create delicious homecooked specialties including couscous and south, Mafrum, Beseeli with peas and meat, mixed grill, kebab, pumpkin salad and all sorts of various stuffed vegetabels such as potatoes and zuchini stiuffed with meat and rice.  Meals arrive with an ample variety of small salads ranging from the traditional humus and technii to vegetable salad, eggplant, cabbage etc. Shakshuka, a spicy North African tomato-based egg dish cookded with bell peppers and tomatoes, is generally the order of the day, particularly in the morning hours.

The restaurant is situated just off the main street in Jaffa.
  The restaurant and unique decor (there are chairs hanging from the walls and pots from the ceilings) a great venue for private events in a unique, authentic atmosphere. Recently we've enlarged our signature cuisine - and added fish to the menu. Celebrate your happy event with us in a flavor-packed feast at Dr. Shakshouka.

3 Beit Eshel Street Jaffa


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