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Dead Sea

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Dip in the Dead Sea


The highlight of the Dead Sea experience is, of course, a dip in its  salty waters where everything floats as a cork. But the historical landmark of Massada is no less a must, as well as the natural reserves of Ein Gedi. All along its western shore the visitor will find archaeological excavations, trails and a very peaceful and unique beauty that is well worth exploration.


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Background Information


The Dead Sea isn't only the lowest place on Earth or the saltiest lake on Earth. Its health bringing waters have been soothing joint aches and skin ailments for millennia, in addition to being a place of fun and relaxation in astoundingly beautiful surroundings. The Dead Sea isn't mentioned in the Bible, but must have been a central point in the Biblical landscape as a natural barrier and landmark. Today the mineral filled lake is a well known tourist destination with well developed facilities for visitors of all kinds with Ein Bokek as its heart. Ein Gedi has a more limited capacity, but offers an unparalleled Nature Reserve and hiking possibilities. Between the two the historically unique Massada is situated with good facilities and surrounding trails.



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Dead Sea cosmetic products can be bought at the Ahava production plant situated along the road between Qumran and Ein Gedi.



Nearby Places of Interest


Qumran, Jericho, Massada, Jordan Valley, the Arava Valley, Ein Bokek,Ein Gedi





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