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Dag al Ha-Dan

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Restaurant & Cafe Al HaDan

The "Dag Al HaDan" fish restaurant was established in 1986. Situated where the Dan River meets the Hazbani, this kosher restaurant is nestled in the heart of the Upper Galilee countryside.


Built from a combination of wood and stone, creating a unique rustic atmosphere; the large windows overlook the river and surrounding woodland. Watch the Ducks and Swans swim gracefully downstream whilst enjoying the delicious salads, sandwiches, and pastas. For dessert don't forget their wide selection of cakes and pastries, or simply enjoy a refreshing cocktail or comforting hot chocolate.



Kayaking at Dag Al HaDan offers a variety of river experiences.

Extreme Rafting: following the long and adventurous course of the river, Dag Al HaDan offers thrilling white water rafting, between waterfalls, deep swells and relaxing waters.

Family Rafting. Relaxing both body and soul, a calm and peaceful rafting experience for all the family. Follow the slow moving river flowing between green leafy banks through the beautiful surrounding nature.



Dag Al HaDan Campsite

Magical camping on the banks of the Hazbani river. Open 24 hours a day for both daily and overnight camping.

Available on site:-
Toilets, hot and cold-water showers, shaded lawns, picnic tables, kiosk, BBQ facilities, refrigerators, lighting and security guards.

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