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City of David - Hezekiah' Tunnel

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Highlights of City of David, Hezekiah'Tunnel

While visiting the archaeological artifacts of the City of David it is a must to wade through the knee high waters of the tunnel of Hezekiah, for those able to do so. The visitor will get close access to the excavations on the route and will experience ancient Jerusalem in a very unique way.


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City of David - Background


The City of David is the oldest part of Jerusalem and is situated right outside the walls of the Temple Mount. The first excavations took place in the 19th Century and the City of David is today open to visitors in a very modern visitors centre, making use of modern technology to illuminate its very long and rich history in an easily absorbable way. This is where King David established the capital of his kingdom and where his son later built the first Temple for the Arch of Covenant to rest, and this central part of Jerusalem has ever since been the focus of world history.


Courtesy: www.allaboutjerusalem.com


Travelujah Tips


The City of David has very good facilities for visitors. If walking through Hezekiah's Tunnel it is advised to do so on a guided tour. Guided tours in English take place every day at 10.00 and 16.00, Fridays at 10.00. Admission fees. Closed on Saturdays and holidays.


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Nearby Places of Interest


The Old City, the Kidron Valley, the Western Wall, the Temple Mount



Contact Information

The City of David Visitors Center
Box 33
Jerusalem 97400
972 2 626 8700
Fax 972 2 627 4365

Web: http://www.cityofdavid.org.il



*Applicable on individual entrance fees and tours, and not on group rates.

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