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Church of the Annunciation

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 Highlights of the Church of the Annunciation


This is one of the main landmarks in the modern town of Nazareth. The architecture and rich detail of the Church of Annunciation is worth noticing with its modern style and beautiful workmanship. It is topped by a large wide dome, 55 meters high, its unusual shape inspired by the Madonna Lily flower named after Mary. The inside of the church is richly decorated by mosaics, stained glass windows and other art works, much of it donated by various Roman Catholic communities around the world.While going down stairs to the lower parts, where St. Joseph is found, the visitor is taken back in time. The further down, the older the remains of the ancient churches in its foundations are, and it might well be the actual place where Joseph and Mary lived.


 Background Information


Nazareth was so central in the life of Jesus, as his home town where he spent most of his life as a carpenter before starting his ministry and calling. His mother, Mary, was visited by an angel carrying the message of his birth here, and in commemoration of such the Church of Annunciation was built. The present church is a modern one built in the 1960s, but standing on the foundations of an ancient Byzantine church as well as a Crusader church from the Middle Ages. Below the church is the grotto believed to be the place where the angel announced to Mary the news of the birth of her son open to see, as well as the foundation of the first church on the spot.



Travelujah Tips


The church is open seven days a week. Free admission. Wheel chair accessible.



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Church of the Annunciation



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