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Church of Pater Noster

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The church of Pater Noster is named after The Lords Prayer since "Pater Noster" means "Our Father" in Latin. The prayer is displayed in the Pater Noster Convent in 62 different languages, hand painted on beautiful plaques according to the local Armenian tradition of painting on tiles.

(Photo: Courtesy of AllAboutJerusalem.com)



Background Information


The site of the Church of Pater Noster has been connected to The Lords Prayer since the 7th Century. The original church built by Queen Helena was destroyed by the Persians and the Crusaders later built another church at the site of which today only few remnants are visible. Today's church of Pater Noster is from the 19 century and is not complete. At the site is also the Convent of Pater Noster where the plaques of the Lord's Prayer in many languages are displayed.



Travelujah Tips


The Church is closed on Sundays.



Nearby Places of Interest


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